Tile By Design will be available to the public with the following schedule:

10am - 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, by appointment only

10am - 7pm on Thursday, by appointment only

10am – 3pm on Saturday {with guidelines}, no appointment required

Our warehouse will continue to be accessible for curbside pickups of existing orders,and all stocked sundries, on the hours listed above.

Scheduling appointments is easy and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive
and encouraging. We believe this system maximizes your time and safety and insures a focused and productive get-together.

We have made careful preparations to keep our environment clean, safe and comfortable. Our showroom has implemented precautions and procedures to reassure your personal well-being when you visit.

Please call our store at 978-750-6650 or email: showroom@tilebydesign.com for
additional information regarding our availability {often appointments can be scheduled the same day you call}.

Our friendly and knowledgeable design staff eagerly await to hear from you! Please call us today!

Thank You & Be Well,

Joe & Jerry



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