Chuck Muise


One of the nicest guys on the block. He has made his rounds in the design industry working at the Boston Design Center before coming to us.

With a knack for design and love for art he has a way of being able to put himself in your shoes. His designs have hit on every style with one thing in common; they always look amazing in the end. Chuck is wonderful to talk with and will have you smitten by the end of your visit.

Getting to know Chuck

What is your favorite color? Cobalt Blue
Where do you like to shop? 
Banana Republic
What is your favorite drink? 
Pear Martini
What is your favorite snack? 
Drakes Cherry Pie
When is your birthday? 
What is your favorite sport? 
Where do you like to eat? 
Mike’s Pizza
What is your favorite TV show? 
Project Runway
What is your favorite season?