Jerry McGinn


The Jack, or should we say Jerry of all trades. He was meant to lead, managing a prior tile establishment before taking the plunge with his brother in-law when they opened Tile By Design in 1988. He and his wife raised four kids; all grown with their own families. He enjoys the “better-for-you” things in life.

Jerry appreciates all design styles offering excellent advice. He can draw, draft, design, install, build, all while making it look easy. He will be able to offer a current take on the classics and believes that using the right tile color, texture and layout in your space will make your life happier.

Getting to know Jerry

What is your favorite color? Green
Where do you like to shop? 
LL Bean
What is your favorite drink? 
Cranberry Lime Seltzer
What is your favorite snack? 
Red grapes
When is your birthday? 
What is your favorite sport
? Is yoga a sport?
Where do you like to eat? 
Riverview Pizza, Ipswich
What is your favorite TV show? 
What is your favorite season?