Michelle Gagnon


Please welcome our newest member, Michelle! She didn’t always know her hidden talent for design. Before switching careers, she studied criminal justice which led to meeting and later marrying her husband. The two share a home along with their fur babies on the North Shore.

Michelle started her love for design in her own home which led to her working in the design industry. Now she has over 5 years’ experience, including managing Pottery Barn and staging residential homes. Besides design and animals Michelle has a love for photography. She combines her natural knowledge for color and texture with an easy demeanor; you will be delighted to work with her.

Getting to know Michelle

What is your favorite color? Pink
Where do you like to shop?  Homegoods
What is your favorite drink? Gin
What is your favorite snack? Trail Mix
When is your birthday? February
What is your favorite sport? Figure Skating
Where do you like to eat? Finz in Salem, MA
What is your favorite TV show? Prison Break
What is your favorite season? Fall